On the forefront of patient-centered research

Accelerating results in clinical trials means the structure and functionality of operations is changing. Flat CROs are replacing long vertical ones as new areas of specialization are emerging. Now, operational, planning and end-to-end functional experts account for much of the innovation in clinical trials and most importantly, speed and process improvements.

Immuno-oncology is the forefront of using the unique biology of each patient to cure themselves. Subsequently, our oncology experts have had a substantial and growing impact on this rapidly evolving field. With new drugs being approved for multiple indications and combination therapies, challenges have never been greater.

Our immuno-oncology clients have developed vaccines, t-cell therapies, and first-in-class treatments. They have used our development and regulatory strategists and medical and operational specialists as consultants on a wide range of program initiatives.


For instance, when:

  • A European biotech focused on a cancer vaccine wasn’t sure if they were ready to develop, they came to us to conduct a mock due diligence inspection. We identified previously unknown compliance requirements and drove the design of the trial.
  • A growing company focused on advanced t-cell therapy wondered if their manufacturing was ready for trial design and endpoint confirmation, they turned to us to understand regulatory gaps, which lead to protocol changes.
  • A novel treatment needed strategic drug development help, we drove the design of the clinical trial based on scientific knowledge and by liaising with regulatory authorities.