We're flexible, innovative, and accountable to personalize solutions.

As the number of drugs in laboratory development increases, the number of new clinical trials increases exponentially due to the complexity of molecules, combination trials and stricter regulations governing new drug approvals. Trials are also expanding geographically in earlier stages as biotech and pharma companies need new places to conduct clinical trials. This globalization then makes trials even more matrixed. Project managers need even stronger relationships with KOLs, regulators, ethics committees and competent authorities.

We are a CRO that leverages local expertise with centralized management. PSNResearch has over 20 years’ experience in managing clinical trial services and business functions. We have the people, procedures and know-how to accelerate your drug development. Our leaders have senior management expertise in pharma and devices and understand the complexity of your needs according to the services you require and the phase you are entering. Our long-standing relationships with local agencies, KOLs and competent authorities means we have information at hand that we can apply immediately. And, our operational and process excellence, from synchronized regulatory methods to detailed SOPs, means your one accountable contact communicates with transparency and efficiency.

PSNResearch ensures your success because we:

  • Assign one accountable point of contact
  • Utilize simple escalation policies
  • Lead sponsors to experts faster
  • Use standardized SOPs that are verified regionally