Our people and values make us different. We are passionate about your success.

Our Regional Executives did succeed in bringing together the best of both worlds, small and large CROs models, offering global territory coverage through regional expertise, securing your life cycle objectives from local POC until international pivotal trial. This cultural leadership diversity, united in one single mid-size CRO, allows us to understand better your needs and develop efficient organization and decision making, in respect to your expectations, wherever you are located.


Photo of Lyle Camblos

Lyle Camblos

Photo of Antonio Berlanga

Antonio Berlanga

Pino Fioravanti, M.D.

Pino Fioravanti


Photo of Rasmus Nelund

Rasmus Nelund

Photo of Paul Bishop

Paul Bishop

Photo of Rafael Zurita

Rafael Zurita

Michael Gierend

Michael Gierend

Odette Jochems, M.D

Odette Jochems

Frédéric Mistretta

Frédéric Mistretta