Meet our team of
drug development experts.

Your clinical development plans are their first and last priorities – and everything in between. Our strategic drug development consulting team has comprehensive knowledge of the 5 modules necessary for obtaining market EU registration. We serve you by helping to bring your products successfully to market. We increase the value of your development projects by forming best-possible development plans while reporting a realistic assessment of data and regulatory requirements.

Our standard operating procedures for obtaining FDA marketing authorization have passed multiple audits and resulted in nearly one hundred successful clients – 90% of which have expressed intent to repurchase and intent to recommend.

We will earn your trust through shared commitment and objectives.


  • Expertise in small molecule, chemically synthesized pharmaceuticals,  and biologics and complex proteins
  • Excellent relationships with EMA/FDA personnel resulting from hundreds of successful presentations, submissions and approvals
  • Large network of KOL’s in CNS, Immuno, CA, Inf Dis, Clinical Pharmacology, PK, Hematology/Oncology
  • Distinguished careers at GSK, AstraZeneca, Lundbeck, Boehringer Ingelheim, Novo Nordisk, Nycomed and many more
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