COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear Sponsors, Partners and Colleagues,

COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on many aspects of our life!

At PSNResearch, we are committed to continue the development of new therapies but being conscious of the challenge we all face. During this unprecedented crisis, and in respect with local legislations, we took number of actions and precautions aiming to reduce and prevent the spread of infection, protecting our patients, our clients, our employees and their relatives, as well as our company.

Indeed, over last years, PSNResearch had integrated effective continuous plan & SOPs to be prepared to face such crisis, investing in digital technologies and training our employees to work using virtual systems. Thus, we are confident that during this period of confinement, our remote services will allow to maintain our high-quality standard deliverables.

The healthcare system is becoming saturated in many countries and the treatment of patients positive on COVID-19 is being prioritized over any non-critical activities, restricting the access of external personnel to hospitals such as our monitors. In order to minimize disruptions and mitigate the impact on our business continuity our experts are assessing the risk on a study by study basis and developing temporally contingency plans, when needed.

This global crisis is challenging our services and organization but will allow us to demonstrate our reactivity & professionalism, offering adapted solutions to our clients in order to mitigate its impact on their developments.

Should you have any question feel free to reach out your point of contact at PSNResearch.

Wishing you all the best during this crisis!

Be safe.