Sermes CRO a PSN company, has been awarded as the most Innovative company global supplier 2019 by MSD company

Sermes CRO Team, led by their CEO and founder Antonio Berlanga, accompanied by the responsible for clinical research and resposible of business development, has been awarded as  the most company as the most Innovative company global supplier 2019 by MSD company (Merck Sharp and Dhome).

Princeton, New Jersey, has been the scenario of the act of recognition to the Spanish company during the MSD´s Annual Convention of suppliers  2019. During the event, on behalf of MSD, they were responsible for delivering the emotive award, the SVP Head of Global Clinical Trial operations and the executive Director Clinical operations of MSD Global. Both highlighted the great satisfaction demonstrated so far in all the services provided by the company, and the strong trajectory already consolidated of more than 20 years since they began to work with Sermes CRO for the first time.

Innovation Award 2019

Innovation Award 2019 delivered from MSD to Sermes CRO Company

“Sermes CRO has managed to develop as Full Service CRO in addition to creating different innovative technological departments focused on providing support to the CRO and independently to clients both inside and outside the health sector, both at the local level and International level. “

From Sermes CRO, we are very proud to have been awarded by one of the most important companies, and we want to show our gratitude to MSD for the trust placed in us during these more than 20 years managing local and international services as with them, we have grown together.

“The Search for Excellence is for Sermes CRO the first goal in all the services we provide to each of our customers, and this special award, reaffirms us as a company giving even more strength, to continue growing and developing our Day-to-day company. “