EMA´s Communication Perception Survey 2017

In May 2017, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) carried out a survey on its communication activities. The purpose was to assess, qualitatively and quantitatively, how EMA’s communication to the public is perceived and valued by its partners and stakeholders and whether they are satisfied with the services provided. The results will be used to monitor communication perception and support continual improvement of communication activities and products.

The survey comprised three questionnaires in total: one for partners, one for stakeholders and one for website visitors. The three questionnaires were similar, but the one to partners also aimed at capturing the level of satisfaction with EMA’s efforts to coordinate key information within the EU Regulatory Network.

The questionnaires focused on EMA communication activities to the general public (i.e. EMA information made public mainly through the EMA website such as press releases and news announcements).

1,774 selected individuals were asked to fill in the questionnaire (986 stakeholders and 788 partners). Of these, 417 (252 stakeholders and 165 partners) responded.

  • The response rate was 23%. A total of 198 responses were received t

  • hrough the EMA website
    and these were analysed separately from targeted stakeholders and partn
  • ers.
  • 32,500 followers at the end of 2017) twice (11 May and 31 May, 2017), resulting in 20 responses.
  • The response rate from media representatives was low (around 11% of those contacted responded,
    making up 10% of total stakeholder responses).
  • EMA runs separate, targeted surveys for this 
  • stakeholder group taking into account their specific needs. Combining stakeholders, partners and web users, a total of 615 responses were analysed.

If want, you can download the complete PDF clicking here.