Sermes CRO, a PSN compan in Spain attended the SETGYC Annual Congress

Sermes CRO, our PSN company in Spain, attended the 9th Congress of the SETYC – Spanish Society of cell and gen therapies

The Spanish Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (SETGyC) is a platform that aims to promote and support fundamental, translational and clinical research in these areas, as well as collaboration with institutions, biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies for development of new therapies. The complexity of these studies often requires a multidisciplinary approach and our Society is an ideal forum to find colleagues with whom to share knowledge and procedures for the development of new, more effective and safe therapies as well as good practice in gene and cell therapy products and in the clinical application of these products. Many of the teams that have implemented clinical trials on advanced therapies are members of the SETGyC, which aims to facilitate the translation of fundamental research to medical applications complying with European regulations for cell therapy and gene therapy, to advise on these aspects and to defend the good practice in cell production and in clinical application of cellular products.

The main objectives of  the Congress were:

• To boost the profile of gene and cell therapy in Spain and internationally

• To facilitate communication and exchange of expertise and resources between professionals

• To provide advice and advocacy in all themes relating to new and existing gene and cell therapies


Sermes CRO, as a company focus on the development  of Advance Therapies (ATMPs) in different therapeutic areas, and also working with different companies and investigational groups at hospital level, submitted two posters showing their collaboration with one of the most important projects in cell therapy.

The posters are created from the project with Mesenchymal Stromal cells (MSCs) of the Hospital Puerta de Hierro and the Principal Investigator Dr. Jesús vaquero. This new therapy, offers a new treatment alternative for patients with complete and inclomplete SCI  in Chronic established Paraplegia.

Spain is one of the leading countries in Europe with regard to the number of sponsors of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs), which are mainly not-for-profit institutions. It is also a leader in the number of ATMPs undergoing clinical development programs. Source: Maciulaitis et al. (2012). Molecular Therapy; 20, 479–482 Objectives of the SETGyC Situation in Spain Through its activities, the SETGyC hopes to support fundamental and translational research aimed at the advancement of gene and cell therapy in Spain by promoting the incorporation of the latest international developments in the field.