Our people and values make us different. We are passionate about your success.

Together, our partners exist as one team, leading our full lineup of affiliates across PSNResearch’s global offices and practices. Our partners lead the firm in our mission of delivering unprecedented results for our clients, our patients, and indeed all of the stakeholders in the clinical research process. Meet some of our leadership team by reading the profiles below.

Photo of Lyle Camblos

Lyle Camblos

Photo of Antonio Berlanga

Antonio Berlanga Ruiz

Photo of Ignazio Di Giovanna, Ph.D.

Ignazio Di Giovanna, Ph.D.


Photo of Alejandro Mørk, Ph.D., of PSNResearch

Alejandra Mørk, Ph.D.

Paul Bishop

Paul Bishop

Photo of Rafael Zurita

Rafael Zurita, M.Sc.








Photo of Yves Alamercery

Yves Alamercery









Odette Jochems, M.D.








Michael Gierend

Michael Gierend, DVM Ph.D.